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I want to welcome you to  On July 19, 2013, I was told by my doctor that my heart was only going to beat so many more times.  

So, there I was, 5'5 and weighing 257 lbs with a blood pressure reading of 185 / 125!! 

At 41 years of age, my metabolism was definitely no where to be found.  Years of nutritional neglect, poor stress management, and the absence of a physical fitness program had finally caught up with me.  

It's funny, because in 2011, I became a Certified Life Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner.  I had created the Core Value Enrichment Coaching initiative and wrote a self-coaching guide bearing the same name.  So, here I am with a passion to help people, but yet was seemingly unable and undisciplined enough to help myself.  

I had to make some REAL changes if I wanted to gracefully grow old with my wife, Vanessa, and see my grand kids grow up to adulthood.

Well, in the contents of this website you will find out exactly how all of that changed.  

As the title states, I'm "Taking Back My Body!"  And, if you suffer from hypertension and obesity, I hope you are encouraged to do the same.  

This health, weight loss and fitness initiative is a labor of love that was ignited by my own personal plight with high blood pressure and obesity.  As stated above, at the age of 41 I realized that I had to make some serious changes if I expected to live a longer and more fruitful life. is a gateway designed to assist and encourage individuals who are challenged in the areas of nutrition, weight management and fitness.  Challenges of this nature can be the direct or indirect cause of illnesses like hypertension, sugar diabetes and or heart disease.

The contents of this site is a wealth of information that I have personally used in order to maintain my blood pressure naturally while getting fit at the same time.  I started on July 19, 2013, with the mindset of losing a few pounds.  Well, I didn't know that I would totally change my lifestyle.  But, that's exactly what happened.  My whole life has changed.

From July of 2013 to January 2014, I managed to lose a total of 45 lbs. and counting.  Between the educational value that I obtained concerning nutrition, weight loss and fitness, I was able to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and sculpt my body into what you see in the pics below.

So, please, by all means, look through this site very carefully.  Take it all in.  Click every link and look at every picture of me and see the transformation that has taken place.  If you need a little encouragement, you will surely find it here.

But, just remember; if you want your life to change you have to be open and willing to change.  There are times in life when you simply have to do what you have to do.  My journey has not been easy.  And, you shouldn't expect yours to be, either. Don't be afraid to sweat.  Don't be afraid of putting in the necessary work.  

You owe it to yourself to at least try.  If you don't, you automatically fail and your situation won't change.  And, if you fail for this reason, don't you dare have attitude and get mad!  You can't get mad over results you don't get because of work you're NOT willing to do.  

Once again, don’t be afraid to sweat!  Don’t be afraid to do the work!

By God's Grace, I am Taking Back My Body every day.  You can Take Back Your Body, Too.

                                                                                               ~ Coach JV Swann ~


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